‘Am hardy’ was born in 2013 in a quaint village nestled in the heart of Delhi. Deep within the dusty and damp alleys was a creative studio owned by Amit Vats, a NIFT graduate in Textile Design, who had an epiphany that compelled him to discard conventional designs and explore the world of Indian artisanal craftsmanship with a modern touch to it.

An energetic entrepreneurial zest that has propelled Am Hardy into the mainstream Indian craftsmanship industry. The ‘Am Hardy’ name is firmly rooted in contemporary interpretations in design, material and craftsmanship and literally translated means ‘I am hardy’.

Today, Am hardy’s success story is applauded by many as it has disrupted conventional design mandates and created its own unique creative ideology. The creative essence is about simplicity in thought and action. Effective, usable design that compliments people’s lifestyles without being ostentatious, predictable or clichéd, while adding a touch of effortless flair to the modern day lifestyles of those young at heart.

‘Am hardy’ offers a unique mix of design and craftsmanship as it celebrates an era when every journey was glamorous and travels ventured to unfamiliar frontiers to discover both themselves, as well as new places.

Every handcrafted piece of Am hardy accessories or luggage is an expression of fine individuality. Embellishments adorn materials in subtle sophistication, carefully balanced to make a distinct statement that whispers elegance.